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Version 2.4d7

Server-Side Includes

If SSI is working and enabled, you will see the various SSI tags correctly translated below.

The local date is: Saturday, 17-Nov-18 04:15:13
The GMT date is: Saturday, 17-Nov-18 03:15:13 GMT
The version of the server is: Xitami
The CGI gateway version is: CGI/1.1
The server name is: allegro.hab.de
This file is called: testssi.ssi
This file's URI is: /testssi.ssi
This file was last modified: Tuesday, 15-May-01 14:23:00
The size of the SSI file is 894 bytes
testssi.ssi was last modified Tuesday, 15-May-01 14:23:00

Output of CGI program:

File not found: C:/Xitami/cgi-bin/testcgi.exe

[perlssi: "#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/testcgi.exe?arguments"" produced errors]

You are using CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
You came from /testssi.ssi

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